Rice Krispie Pops!

The bad news? I thought I invented these, and I didn't. The good news? It doesn't matter cause the deliciousness makes up for it!

I offered to make my friend, Konnie, a dessert for her baby shower. In the interest of my blog, I wanted to make something new so I don't bore my readers with the same old desserts. I have made cake pops and cheesecake pops, but I have never made Rice Krispie pops. I thought that it was so original that nobody has ever made them before. A quick google search proved me wrong, but hey, it would be new to me!

They were so easy and soooo yummy! I added crushed up heath bar to add a little oomph to the plain old Rice Krispie recipe. I also added a little peanut butter to the butter as it was melting, before putting in the marshmallows. But other than that, its just your standard recipe from the box!

I found that once they cool a little, its easier to shape into balls without it sticking to your hands, or you can butter your hands if you don't wanna wait.

I wanted to personalize it, so I designed something, printed it out and wrapped it around my container.
Look how cute!

Look how happy they made Konnie's little girl, Nari! The look on her face made all the effort worth it!

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