pots & pans can be beautiful?

Who knew? My momma, that's who! She called me a few weeks before my birthday to tell me about her new Paula Deen cookware and was telling me how great it was and she wanted to buy me a set for my birthday. My first response was "I don't NEED cookware, the set I have works just fine." Then I went online, saw it and quickly realized that birthday presents aren't things you NEED, it's stuff you WANT! And I wanted that cookware! It's so beautiful that I haven't even cooked with it yet. Guess I'm scared that my novice cooking skills might damage them. But I am giving away my old set tonight to a needy family so I don't have much choice. Look at these beauties:

My momma said she bought hers at Wal-mart and swore that they would have the cheapest price. But because I am an avid Wal-mart hater and Target lover, I was happy to find that Target's set was the same price. So no trip to Wal-mart is a gift in itself!

Thank you momma! I love you so much and I love my beautiful pots and pans!

Now all I need is a stove that will work when I turn it on, not when it decides to. And an oven that cooks evenly. Ugh. But that's another story. Maybe a future blog entry?