Look who I met!

That's right, The Pioneer Woman herself! She came into town for a book signing and I had to meet the woman that invented Fancy Macaroni!

I had never been to a book signing, cause if you know me at all, you know that I don't read. Not that I can't, I would just rather look at pretty pictures (which is another reason why I LOVE her cookbook!).

So, my boss was awesome enough to let me leave a little early to try and get a good spot. Thank goodness she did! I didn't realize how many people share my admiration for this quirky, funny and talented lady! There were at least 300 people there. And I just got lucky enough to be right next to a whiny, annoying 5 year old little girl in line. You can imagine that 4 hours of standing in line would be difficult enough. But, no. The whole time all I could hear was "MOOOOOM! Why isnt the line moooooving?" and "MOOOOOM! When is it ooooour turn?" and "MOOOOOM! I wanna leeeeeeave!" All while socking her mom in the stomach, legs or where ever else that demon child could reach. It took all the restraint I had not to backhand her. But, I did shoot the snotty brat a couple of dirty looks while her mom wasn't looking. Needless to say, my excitement to meet PW dwindled slowly and was replaced with utter frustration and impatience. I was scared she would be able to read my mood and think I was a bitch. But luckily, as I got closer to her and could hear her funny, bubbly conversations with her fans, my excitement returned!

Of course, I was a nervous, babbling idiot when it was my turn. I told her about my blog (which everyone else probably does as well) and she asked me to send her a link so she could check it out! How awesome is that? I almost wanna spend the whole weekend chained in the kitchen, making as many of her recipes as possible. But, I said almost. Unfortunately, I have a few parties to attend this weekend that gets in the way of that idea. Oh well. I guess I will HAVE to spend my 2 days off drinking bud light with friends instead. I think PW will understand.

She was definitely as nice and funny as she projects herself to be. Just laid-back, easy-going and friendly. She is such an inspiration!

my cutest creation ever...

My very good friend, Abigail, just had her 30th birthday. In honor of this, I decided to make a yummy bouquet of red velvet cake pops! She asked me to make her a red velvet cake, to which I replied "I will make red velvet something."

Look how cute:

I know, you are wondering "But how did it pass the Pete Test?" Well, I am happy to report that he keeps returning to the fridge to grab a leftover cake ball and says "I can't believe how much I like these!" So yes, Pete approved!

I do have one warning though. If you get close to them, it may result in this:

If you want to attempt these cutie-pops, there are step-by-step instructions at www.bakerella.com