creative christmas juices a'flowin...

I know I have been MIA, unfortunately my creativity has been stifled by "grown-up" problems that needed to be addressed. But I am slowly getting back to my fun projects and baking tasty treats.

If you know me, you know I love christmas and I love big fat, REAL christmas trees! Due to lack of room in my little apartment, I accepted the fact that I need a smaller tree and would be easier to have a fake one. So, if it had to be puny, it needed to have character. I found this lil guy online and it is so cute, looks like it was just plucked right out of the country side.

(Excuse the scantily clad woman on the TV, I just happened to be watching the Victoria Secret fashion show.)

With a tree like this, I thought it would be fitting to have handmade ornaments. I scoured Pinterest for some cute ideas and I came across these stars and ornaments that would be perfect!

And they are. Perfect.