just a sweet, little nest of sweetness...

This was my first real job where I was "hired" to create something sweet. Usually, I just use friends birthdays to try new things and add to my blog, but this time I was actually sought after and paid (yes, with real money) to bake! I can't believe it, seems I am movin' on up... to the east side... to a deluxe apartment in the sky... okay, I will stop. But I know you are singing The Jeffersons in your head now... you're welcome.

One of my closest friends and fellow-creative-thinker, Abigail, was throwing her friend, Amanda, a baby shower. I made Abigail these red velvet cake pops for her birthday last year, which led her to think of me when she was trying to decide what to do about the cake for the shower.

She tells me that Amanda LOVES carrot cake and after seeing the amazingly cute invites Abigail designed, my creative juices started flowing. The carrot cake sandwich cookies that I have made in the past, just happen to be the best thing to come out of my oven, in my opinion at least. But how to creatively display them? It was Abigail's little birdies on the invite that inspired the idea to put them in a nest! How cute are they? For the recipe, refer back to my previous post.

To top it off, I had to include a little welcome sign.


  1. You rock it, Sommer. I'll bet they tasted as great as they look!

  2. they tasted better than they looked and were a huge hit at the shower! No one ate just one (including me). Thanks again sommer!

  3. Love it love it love it! So creative and I'm sure they were YUMMY!!!

  4. It's me anonymous again......LOVE IT! What a great idea!!!

  5. 'She finally got a piece of the pie...' oh, sorry, you got me singing :)

    Sommer, you're amazing!! The nest was such a creative idea, and the little banner is the perfect icing on the ...carrot cake cookies ;)
    Love it!!