the newest addition to my family


I never dreamed that I would own one of these bad boys (or bad girls, in this case) so early-on in my baking endeavors! I decided to name her Meg, short for nutmeg which is one of my favorite spices!
How did I get so lucky, you ask? Well, let me tell you how blessed I am. (and I promise I am not bragging. I'm sharing. There is a difference.)
You see, at the time I got married (almost 3 years ago exactly) I wasn't that interested in baking. So when it came time to register for gifts, I didn't even know this bad boy (oops, I mean, bad girl) existed! So, I registered for a $12.99 hand mixer. Being that I had never even owned a mixer before, my little cheapy was good enough for me! As I started experimenting with baking, I noticed that a lot of times the recipe would direct me to use a certain attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer. As if it was trying to say that if I don't have one, I shouldn't even be attempting this recipe. So, out of curiosity I starting pricing these machines. WOWZER!!! Yeah, the hand-mixer was gonna have to last me for quite awhile, as these bad boys (why do I keep doing that?) were WAY out of my price range.
As time went by, I dreaded any time I had to beat, whip, cream or mix anything for longer than a minute. As many of you know, I hate anything remotely related to exercise. So, I would call Pete in to help. Thank God he didn't mind 12 minutes of a one arm exercise. Then one day last week it donned on me! Just ask Pete to buy me one for my birthday! And just because I like to post random, boring status updates on facebook, I announced to all of my "friends" that it was on my wish list for my birthday that was still 3 months away. Never in a million years did I ever think any one of them would, or even be in the position to, fulfill my birthday request!

I think it was 3 days later, Pete tells me a large package arrived. I could not get home fast enough! I swear, I was speed racer on 17-92 that day! I couldn't believe my eyes!!! AND it was the EXACT color that I would want! WHO? HOW? WHEN? HUH?

Well, it was my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Richard, whom I inherited when I married Pete. I just can't tell you how much I lucked out in the in-law department. (OK, I'm kinda bragging about that. Sorry!) Not just cause they send me random gifts in the mail. But these people are so very thoughtful, kind and giving. They just accepted me immediately as one of their own. Pete is a big pain in the ass a lot of times, but that boy gets big points for the family he gave me!

THANK YOU UNCLE RICHARD AND AUNT JACKIE! Meg and I are going to have a long, happy and productive life together! There will be some treats on their way to Vegas VERY soon!

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  1. Oh my gosh you lucky girl! You must be stoked! I can't wait to see what you'll be cooking up now!