where did the time go?

This post is dedicated to my sweet, sassy niece, Lauren. As a graduation gift I had a photo shoot with her and designed her senior announcements. Yes, that means she's graduating high school and I just can't believe she has grown up this fast. It seems like yesterday when this sweet, chubby-faced little girl was toddling around, making up songs and making us laugh into hysterics! I had to include a couple of pics, sorry Lauren.

She was always so dramatic and we all knew from a young age that she would take after her Aunt Sommer. Her sister, Brittany was the complete opposite... quiet, sensitive, careful and dainty. You could always hear Lauren coming, she made her presence known. I remember one year for Brittany's 5th birthday I decided to buy her an outfit that matched my style. Baggy jeans, half-cropped shirt, and boxers that would show slightly under the baggy jeans (cut me some slack... it was the 90's). She was not havin it! She ripped off those clothes and comfortably got back into her sweet, pink dress with flowers and rainbows. Lauren was my little twin, always wanting to dress like me but she didn't need any help looking like me or acting like me. That was natural.

Now that she has grown into her own person, I couldn't be more proud. She still has a lot of the same traits I did at her age: sassy, pushing the limits, inability to take people's crap, fun, energetic, dramatic, confident, assertive and did I say sassy? Cause she is.

I know she will turn out to be a successful, happy woman as long as she keeps following in my footsteps! I have no doubt.

Being that I am not having children, these 2 girls are the closest thing to it and I couldn't be more proud and excited. Even though I miss that chubby-faced toddler, I am very thrilled to watch her grow up and spread her wings.

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  1. Your last paragraph--that's how I feel about Pat, Mike, and Pete! And, now, you and Lynn and Justin! And, oh, Kat and Lily. And my nephew Douglas. So, I suspect, in your life, you'll be "collecting" "kids of your own," too. It's wonderful.