Shellie's shower pops...

We just had an awesome bridal shower for my friend Shellie. I wanted to make her something sweet to match her sweet personality but didn't have the time I wanted. So I had to be creative. That's the idea of my blog, right? Have you ever tried the Pepperidge Farms little cakes that come in a box in the freezer section? Well, I have and I LOVE them! Not bad for a "boxed" cake! So, I decided to buy a couple of those and make cake pops out of them. The cake pops that I made in the past were very time consuming because I make the cake and the frosting from scratch. Unfortunately, time wasn't on my side that weekend so I had to take a short cut. I think they turned out sooooooo yummy-licious! But here is a hint, if you decide to make them, be sure they stay refrigerated until you serve them. After the drive to Leesburg and waiting til after our meal, they were too mushy and kept falling off the stick when you bit into them. But they were pretty and still tasted great!

I made 2 different flavors. The white ones were coconut and the ones with the yellow sprinkles were lemon.

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  1. This idea is adorable! I am helping to plan a wedding shower right now. I also write about wedding planning and other style/design topics on my new blog. I would love to follow your blog and would appreciate a follow back. I am excited to have found you on here. Thanks!

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