oh, no you didn't!

Oh, but I did!
For my dad's birthday, he ALWAYS asks for a German Chocolate cake. Actually, when I was little, I didn't even know another type of cake existed because that is all we had. For some reason, just cause my dad liked the cake, we all asked for it on our birthday's too. Well, now I am all grown up and I am so sick of German Chocolate cake! And even though my dad never remembers saying this, and would never admit to it, every single year as he bites into his first bite of cake, he says "Dang, I am about sick of German Chocolate cake, that's all I have had all week!" Well, maybe cause its the ONLY cake you ever request so EVERYONE gets you one.

Since I have started this blog, my dad likes to pick on me because as a youngin' I could never cook anything that was remotely edible. So, he has a hard time believing that these treats I make actually taste good too. So this year, I asked if I could make his birthday cake for the very first time. I am not even sure why I asked what kind he would like, because the answer, of course, was German Chocolate. Blah.
So I did:

But that's not all. My dad also really like reeses peanut butter cups so I made him another cake, Peanut Butter Cake with Chocolate icing:

Just because I think he needs to broaden his cake horizons.

The thought of making two whole separate cakes sounded overwhelming, so I decided to...

wait for it....

Bake them both into the same cake! Oh, yes I did!

The best part is, that it is a bit lopsided. Since the two different cakes are different consistencies (the peanut butter cake was fluffier than the chocolate) the 3 towers couldn't help but lean to the side. And gravity isn't helping either. If the cake came out perfectly, what would my dad have to pick on me about? And it is his birthday afterall, so I decided to embrace this mishap on his behalf. Just an added touch to his special day, since picking on me is one of his favorite things to do.

The real show stopper will be when this baby is sliced into! The cake/icing color combos are completely transposed! I will update my blog with photos of that tomorrow, since we aren't devouring this until tonight. Plus, I don't wanna share the recipes until I know it tastes good!

So... to be continued....


  1. Sommer, I am sooooo proud of you and your baking skills. This is the most interesting cake i have ever heard of. Can't wait to find out which side your Dad liked the most. I know what you mean about that german chocolate cake. I never thought to do this, and make it fun......... you go girl.

  2. sommer, look at you being all creative with your cakes! i am surprised each time you blog about your yummy goodies!

    love what you are doing with your blog page too, i have neglected mine lately :( But my creative thinking is back in full swing, so hopefully an update soon.