The in-laws strike again!

I get a call from Momma Coffin last week saying I have a package there from Aunt Jackie and Uncle Richard. What have they done now? Well, I will tell ya... they sent me, Momma Coffin and my sister-in-law, Lynn a set of beautiful cookware! I have never owned a matching set of cookware! The best part? Not only is it oven-safe and microwave-safe, IT IS DISHWASHER-SAFE! Cause my momma knows I HATE hand washing dishes! If running it under the faucet doesn't get it off, then the dishwasher better!

So, my goal was to make a meal using every piece of bakeware at once so my table would have a beautiful, matching spread! I took it a step too far and decided to make all new recipes. Before I get into that, let me show you the outcome:

Doesn't that just look like a photo right out of Southern Living magazine? I know, right? Too freakin cute! What is on the menu? Meatloaf, Hashbrown Casserole, Warm Corn Salad and Ceasar Salad.

So, I started looking on for new dishes to whip up. I found a recipe for meatloaf that used herb-stuffing instead of bread crumbs, ranch dressing mix and french fried onions. Sounds delish, right? Well, it was eh. So, I am not sharing the recipe. But if you want a good meatloaf recipe, look up Paula Deen's Cheeseburger Meatloaf.... yummmmmmm.
But here is a photo of the so-so main dish. It actually looks more gross than it was. Is there such a thing as an appetizing picture of meatloaf? How can a loaf of meat look enticing? Nonetheless, its a blog, so I must share:

I always make some form of mac and cheese so I was looking for an equally-as-yummy alternative. A few years ago a friend of mine, Kim, made Hashbrown Casserole and I still dream about it. So, I found a recipe for it on and threw it all together. Look at all this cheesy-goodness, believe me, JUST look:

Well, mine and Pete's tastebuds agreed that it looked and smelled better than it actually tasted. We described it as cheesy, mushy nothingness. Take from that what you will. But again, I am not sharing a recipe that I didn't LOVE. If you are looking here for an idea of what to cook for dinner, see "My Favorite Dinner" post. That mac and cheese is unbeatable (at least, for now).

If you know me well, you know that I hate most vegetables. So, this is always a challenging dish for me to come up with. I only like corn. But I thought my new bakeware was too special for just any old plain corn. When I have left over corn on the cob from a bbq, I usually cut it from the cob and put in a pan with chives, parmesan cheese, garlic and lots of butter. The result? Something that tastes nothing like a vegetable... the only way I eat them! Well, this time, I happen to have some bacon in the fridge so I threw that in there too:

It was "aight." Pete and I agree that the bacon over-powered everything else. I highly recommend the recipe though, sans the bacon!

So, at this point, I was 0 for 3. Pete did compliment me on the awesome, bagged caesar salad! Hey, I will take what I can get! 

When I started this blog, I emphasized that I like to PRETEND to be a cook/baker. This is proof. But with bakeware THIS gorgeous, at least it LOOKS good!
All thanks to Aunt Jackie and Uncle Richard! And by the way guys... there were PLENTY of leftovers, so there is a meatloaf in the mail on its way to you, just my little way of saying thanks. Aren't you guys excited?


  1. well it certainly looks good. kudo's to you for taking the risk on new recipes (but that is not new for you). The cookware is gorgeous!!

  2. I love that you wanted new recipes for your gorgeous new cookware! Sorry it didn't turn out good but it was fun reading about it anyway :)