a baby shower

When my friend, Becca, became pregnant, my friend Jesse and I decided to throw her a shower. It was my first time that I was able to pretend to cater an event! (well, besides my bridal shower. But, you aren't supposed to cater your own shower, so it doesn't count.)
Here is the spread in all its glory:

The menu consisted of Egg Salad on croissants and Chicken Salad in mini-pitas. My chicken salad just happens to be the best in the entire world, if I do say so myself. Its also wonderful in a low-fat version. I would be happy to share the recipe upon request!

I also made Bruschetta Bites. Which is a recipe stolen from Jesse, but I altered it by putting the ingredients in phyllo cups and now I am able to call it my own! Thanks Jesse!

Becca requested I make 7-layer dip. In order to stick with the "petite" theme of the spread, I decided to put all 7 layers in individual tortilla cups!

And for dessert? That's right. Cheesecake pops!

Here is a photo of me, Jesse and the guest of honor, Becca. Special thanks goes to Kim Waxman for providing the beautiful backdrop in this photo and the most beautiful baby shower venue EVER!


  1. What a cute menu! I'd love the chicken salad recipe :-)

  2. I will post it here so everyone can have it if they want.

    I just mix chicken with chopped green onions, chopped smoked almonds, rosemary, plain non-fat yogurt, a dollop of mayo, a tad of dijon, s&p to taste... thats it!

    If you want it to be virtually non-fat (besides the almonds, but thats GOOD fat so it doesnt count) sub extra yogurt for mayo! its still VERY VERY good!

  3. Sommer-- this is all so gorgeous and fresh looking! Great job! And now I'm very hungry!

  4. This is amazing, Sommer!!! I am so impressed with your creativity!