cookies for Tom...

I recently visited Tom and after he discovered my blog, he asked that I bring something sweet and yummy for him. I never pass up a chance to try something new. I have had this recipe from Martha Stewart in my recipe book for awhile and thought it was the perfect time to give it a try! Being that I love chocolate covered cherries, I thought the recipe for Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cherry Cookies would taste just like them... although they didn't, they were still VERY good! I didn't get my own photo of them, so I have to borrow Martha Stewart's.

Mine came out much darker for some reason but tasted like pure yummy... isn't that what matters?

Now, a little about Tom and WHY I traveled to the depths of the Ocala National Forest to visit him (making the cookies was the easy part).

Tom was my mom's boyfriend for over 7 years and even though they never got married and couldn't make it work, he has remained very close to my heart and still feels like part of my family. Being that he was my mom's first love after my dad, I tried very, very hard not to like him. He always understood my feelings and never pushed me to feel differently. After some time and seeing how much he loved my mom and her whole family as if they were his own, I came to see what an amazing person my mom found. They parted ways on amicable terms and he always remained very special to me.

Last year, his life changed when a doctor made a mistake during a simple surgery and ended up paralyzing him from the neck down. He has gained some limited movement back into his hands, arms and legs but still has a long way to become the strong, able man he once was. Everyday is a struggle for him to cope into this new life that has been bestowed upon him. From working in the construction industry and golfing often, to being completely dependent on the help of his son to do everyday activities, this new way of living is a hard pill to swallow. My heart breaks for him. Leaving him and not knowing when I will get back to kiss his bald head was very hard.

Please pray for him that he will continue to get better and be able to reverse this awful mistake. He deserves to live life to the fullest and not to be stuck in a wheelchair forever caused by the carelessness of a doctor.

Below is a picture of him with his awesome son and his beautiful daughter-in-law, who take care of him everyday. I am so thankful he has them.

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